Sunday, 23 March 2014

50 things about me! - TAG

Hello! Me again.
Today I thought I'd share a bit more about myself with any of you who wish to know more, so I'm jumping straight in and sharing 50 things. Duh!

I LOVE reading these posts on other peoples blogs and watching them on Youtube... I'm a bit nosey so it seems. I just love finding things out that are a little bit different. 

Ready? This could get long!

1. My middle name is Sarah. I originally was going to have two and that would have made my initials 'KISS'. Alas, no kiss here.

2. I LOVE peanut butter. On toast, on rice cakes, peanut butter ice cream. If it's got peanut butter in or in it then it belongs in my belly.

3. I was born in Cornwall but I now live in London for university. 

4. I really miss school. All of my friends say they really don't but if I could do it all over again then I definitely would.

5. I have a huge obsession with cupcakes. 

6. When I was a baby, Paul Weller from The Jam held me and said I he thought I was a boy (which reaaaaaally annoyed my Dad) haha!

7. Some of my favourite childhood memories are of family holidays to Florida. My whole family would all stay in a huge villa and we'd go to Disneyworld and I loved it.

8. Leading on from that, Disney is one of the most important things in my life. I can't explain how much it means to me and I will cherish it and all the memories it holds forever and ever.

9. I've never been happy with my weight. I was never bullied, the odd comment but never anything serious, however I ALWAYS thought that people were judging me or looking at me because of it.. sometimes I still do.

10. Despite that, I've never let it bother me too much. I just got on with it and chosen to be happy.

11. My  favourite person in the world is my 4 year old cousin Ryver. He makes me happier than anyone else and I miss him every day that I'm not back home. He's such a little star.

12. I suffer from dry skin/eczema and it makes life SO HARD sometimes.

13. I love curly hair.

14. Everybody tells me that I sound posh - even my family but I don't think I do.

15. I've always wanted I really wanted mixed-race skin because I just think it's beautiful.

16. I was a really bossy, smart-arse child! Oops.

17. My Gran was from Singapore so have some Asian in me.

18. I am absolutely terrified of moths - they make me want to cry.

19. I love trashy South American TV shows like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Myrtle Manor.

20. My favourite Disney films are Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King 2.

21. I love elephants and tortoises and anything with tiny paws.

22. I am really super unorganized. I leave everything until the last minute.

23. I have one tattoo and it's a cupcake - surprise surprise.

24. I love tea.

25. I have a really varied taste in films. My favourites range from Andre the seal, to Superbad, to This is England and Casper the Friendly Ghost.

26. I really love rollercoasters.

27. When I was about 13/14 I had a leopard gecko and I called him Eddie Lizzard which I came up with all on my own and I was so proud of it. He died though :(

28. I don't know what colour my eyes are. Sometimes they're sort of grey or green or blue with yellow in but never just a normal colour.... but I love them.

29. I love baking, so much.

30. I wear a lot of black.

31. I feel more comfortable when I'm wearing red lipstick than at any other time.

32. My Mum and Dad were punks and I LOVE that I grew up with alternative influences and tastes.

33. I always toy with the idea of going blonde but I probably never will.

34. I'm a Marmite lover.

35. I have a huge family and we're all so close and I love that.

36. I have my tongue pierced.

37. I am an Aquarius.

38. I wish I could sing or dance or something like that but I really can't.

39. I love my name and have never met another Kirsten.

40. My Mum had really cool names picked out for me and my brother before we were born.
Me - Aphrodite or Nirvana
My brother - Ziggy or Jaret

41. In the end they settled on names which resulted in us having the same initials.

42. I hate hate hate people popping balloons.

43. I'm studying English language and linguistics at university.

44. I love coconut.

45. My dad used to tell me a story that he and my Mum made up about a fox who loved pineapple ice cream and to this day it's still my favourite story and I always ask him to tell me it now but he never does.

46. People always tell me they love my smile and it makes me happy.

47. When I was young, I used to have white hair that stuck up on end on its own.

48. Laughing or making other people laugh is my favourite thing to do.

49. I really hate my nose and my teeth. I had braces when I was 14/15 but my teeth have gone back to being all wonky, just like my nose.

50. I've been with my boyfriend for over 3 years now and our relationship has overcome so many obstacles which life just kind of threw in the way but we're still going which is kinda crazy because 3 years is a long time I think.
Bonus fact - on our 5 month anniversary (cringe) my mum paid for us to go to dinner because she was amazed that someone had put up with me for that long. I wonder what she thinks now!

Well, there we go! I feel like that's a fair bit of info!

Thank you for reading.. if you've done this tag then link it below so I can go and have a read about some of you and be nosey some more!

Kirsten x

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