Monday, 28 April 2014

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids - 'Hot Plum'

If you saw my Boots haul a few days ago you'll know that I picked up this Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids lipsick in the shade 'Hot Plum' after it caught my eye.

It's been in my life for just a few days now and already it has become one of my favourite lip products, ever. 

It's an extremely hot pink, verging on neon but it's surprisingly wearable... in my opinion anyway! The picture doesn't really do it justice at all.
I definitely wouldn't call it a 'plum' though.

One swipe of this on the lips is enough to get a really opaque colour which I'm really impressed with - I really don't like having to go over and over my lips to achieve any kind of colour at all.

The finish is lovely. It has a glossy sheen to it and the lipstick itself is really moisturising on the lips which is something I look for in most lip products as I have very dry lips. 

But with any lipstick that I buy... for it to really impress me it has to pass the food and drink test. If I can eat and drink while wearing it and not have it either smear all over my face or disappear altogether, then it can take its place in my collection and be proud of it.
I wore this out to a meal yesterday and it stayed in place perfectly. Now, considering the fact that this particular meal was a buffet and that I ate satay chicken sticks and pizza and ice cream and drank numerous glasses of water and fizzy drinks (I'm healthy, I know) I'd say that's pretty darn impressive, wouldn't you?!
It's a wonderful feeling to be wearing a lipstick that's beyond bright and not have to worry about it making its way across your face gradually.

I received so many complements while wearing this!
I paired it with simple make up - a light coverage foundation and winged liner so that this really stood out alone and it didn't look too much.

What do you think of this lipstick? Have you tried any of the Color Sensational Vivids?

Thanks for reading,
Kirsten x

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Spring Trends - Pastel Heels

    1/  2/  3/  4/

Pastels are in.
I don't usually follow fashion trends too much but I've fallen for the pastel craze. I didn't think I would but I definitely have - a few days ago I bought pastel blue and pink jeans. Who am I?!

I spend ages looking at shoes and with my new found love for pastels I couldn't resist these beautiful creatures!
Don't get me wrong, I'm still head over heels (oooh dear) in love with black heels and black shoes and black everything but these are just so pretty and on trend that my heart longs for them *sigh*

What do you think of pastel heels?

Thanks for reading,

Friday, 25 April 2014

Boots haul

Today was the first day I've been completely free since my student loan came in so, being the irresponsible student that I am, I hit Westfield. Hard.
I spent far too much money on clothes, but since that would be a little bit more difficult to show here (although ootd's will be coming soon I hope) I thought I'd show you what I bought in Boots. They had a 3for2 offer across basically the whole store so I took advantage! Ooops.

Apologies though, because I have used some of these things this morning so they have some finger marks in them - I couldn't resist! Sorry!

Revlon Cream blush in 'Pinched'
I've been wanting to pick up a cream blush for a while now because as the weather starts to get warmer I like to wear more cream products on my face rather than powder products. This cream blush by Revlon is a beautiful orange/peach shade which is perfect for Summer and the texture of it is beautiful - it almost feels like a mousse. I used this this morning and my cheeks look lovely and glowy and I can't wait to wear this more.

I also bought the Real Techniques Stippling Brush to use with this but I forgot to photograph it and now it's starting to get more grey outside and I can't take one. Blogger fail!
I can, however, tell you that I love it. It's beautiful for applying the cream blush and it's incredibly soft. Finally I'm in on the Real Techniques experience. YAY!

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer in 'Light'

This concealer has 3 steps - first, the peachy/salmon toned concealer for under the eyes, the second concealer for blemishes and then the setting powder to set everything into place.
I really like that this basically covers all of my concealing needs in one tiny little product!
I have been looking at this for a while but I always thought that it looked a little too dark for my very pale skin so I just left it alone but it's deceivingly pale in reality.
I'm excited to use this and see if it does what it claims to! 

Left to right - 'Lime' 'Peacock 'Cobalt'

Left to right - 'Plum' 'Purple' 'Candy'

I also picked up 6 of the new Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks.
I've read a few reviews about these which say they're not very pigmented at all but over the top of my Urban Decay Primer Potions I think they're just fine!
I like the colour range of these, although I do wish that they had more neutral shades in the range... although I did pick these up because I was looking for some colour.
I'm no help at all am I? Nope.
P.s. I didn't buy these, my boyfriend did. All credit to him.
Finally I picked up a Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick in the shade 'Hot Plum'
This is unlike anything I have in my collection. It's a very bright verging on neon blue toned pink. I'm not sure I'd call it a plum but hey ho.
I usually steer away from bright pinks but this really caught my eye, along with the rest of the range if I'm honest and I had to pick it up.
If I get on well with this which I'm absolutely sure I will then there will be a review up very soon so look out for that! 


On the left is Revlon cream blush in 'Pinched'
On the right is Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick in 'Hot Plum'

Have you tried any of these products?

Thanks for reading,
Kirsten x

Aveeno Skin Relief Shea Butter Moisturising Lotion

I've found it. I've found the best body lotion ever. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, have skin so dry that its moisture levels would rival that of the Sahara. Yeah. Not only is it dry, but it's itchy and uncomfortable and just generally not a nice thing to deal with everyday.

It's been getting gradually worse and worse and I have tried so many things to try and sort it out and I was considering going to a dermatologist to find out what was going on. 
But I was in Asda yesterday doing my first food shop since being back at uni (ah, responsibilities!) and my boyfriend suggested that I pick up the Aveeno Skin Relief lotion.

Boy am I glad I did! 
I got home and essentially covered myself in it and immediately the itching stopped and my skin looked visibly better - it looked like there had never been any dry patches at all and it. 
Better still, it felt amazing! So soft. 

But I fell unconditionally in love with thisproduct this afternoon, when I noticed something incredible. 
The worst affected area for me is the outside of my thighs which is dry and red and horrible. 
I noticed this afternoon that this has cleared that patch up almost entirely! I was actually so excited that I shouted at my boyfriend to come and look at my thighs! I'm not sure he understood haha!

It contains 'naturally active Triple Oat Complex' and reading the ingredients, oats seem to be the majority which is great! It smells like oats as you'd imagine which isn't amazing but it isn't unpleasant, just a little earthy I'd say. But this could smell disgusting and I'd still recommend this to anyone because it's the only thing I've ever found that's made any difference at all.

I've mentioned before that my face also suffers from my dry skin, particularly around my eyes and my mouth - so bad sometimes that I can't even wear make-up. On a whim last night, I decided to just apply a little bit of this to those areas and woke up this morning with honestly, no dry skin on my face AT ALL! My foundation looked better today than it has in months and months. 

I'm waxing lyrical, I know. I could talk about this all day but to save you from boredom I'll just say that this is incredible stuff. Absolutely incredible. 

If, like me you suffer from dry skin then I 100% recommend that you go and try this. It's not expensive at £5 and is really accessible. 

I can't believe I didn't try this sooner!

P.s. I'm sorry for the poor lighting and general photo quality - it's horrible and grey outside today and my room just isn't getting the light I need but I wanted to upload this because I'm so excited! I hope you don't mind?

Thanks for reading,

Kirsten x

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Lush Error 404 Bath Ballistic!

Easter may be over and done with and the whole world has been thrown back into reality after their holidays or the bank holiday weekend, but Lush have made sure that mine is still going!

A little box arrived at my door this morning, containing the Error 404 bath ballistic that Lush were (and maybe still are) giving away on their website if you land on the error 404 page - a genius move if you ask me!

Made by Aaron and packaged by Darren (thanks guys!) this bath ballistic has an outer layer of bronze or copper shimmer which gets  all over your hands when you touch it... but I'm not complaining because a little glitter makes everything better!

The inside is a teal/green colour so I assume that this will make your bath water green.
It contains Geranium oil, Orange flower absolute, Gardenia extract and Rosewood oil which result in this obviously having a floral scent - I'm not usually one for floral scents but this is actually really nice.

Unfortunately, I don't have a bath in my university halls so I shall be giving this to my Mummy to enjoy!

Have you managed to get your hands on one of these?

Thanks for reading,
Kirsten x

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Skincare wishlist

I'm in the market for some new skincare!

This is what I'm lusting after at the moment.

I suffer really badly from eczema around my eyes and while the flare ups never really last too long, they leave my skin in such a terrible condition for so long afterwards that I actually question which is worse.
I currently look like I've aged about 50 years due to the condition of the skin under my eyes and on my eyelids - it's so dry and almost scaly and wearing makeup just accentuates it! Ugh.
I've heard really good things about this eye cream from Clinique and while it's quite pricey, I can't really put a price on making my skin look like that of a 20 year old again so it's worth a try.

Just about every skincare brand out there is releasing some kind of cleansing water after the world went wacky for BioDerma.
I tried L'oreal's micellar water and was so disappointed - I have a review of that one coming up so I won't go into too much detail but it felt like it sucked whatever moisture I did have in my skin right out and wasn't going to give it back!
People seem to really be raving about this one though! You get double the amount of this than you do the L'oreal and it's the same price.
That seems like a no-brainer to me, non?!

I missed the bandwagon when it came to trying out La Roche-Posay products and I've still not done it! Silly me.
I have done a lot of reading about them though, and I think this would be the perfect way to get into the brand.
As I said before, my skin is very very dry not only around my eyes, but around my mouth, on my forehead and just generally everywhere really.
At £16.50 this isn't the most inexpensive moisturiser but I'm starting to think that you get what you pay for with skincare and I'm willing to fork out a little more for a product that will really work. Fingers crossed.

Kirsten x

Sleek Pout Polish - Raspberry Rhapsody

I've been a fan of Sleek for quite some time now.
Their blushes seem to get all the love from so many people, while I haven't really heard too much about their Pout Polish range. I think it's time they got some loving too!

They are essentially tinted lip butter but with a little bit of extra pizzazz.
My favourite is Raspberry Rhapsody - a bright, blue toned pink.

These feel almost buttery on the lips and they are crazy moisturising which is down to the wonderful ingredients that they contain - jojoba oil, shea butter, sweet almond oi, avocado oil and wheat germ oil.
They have an SPF of 15 which is great because I never ever think to apply any kind of SPF to my lips which is terrible I know.

What's most impressive about them though, is definitely the colour payoff. Often with lip products that claim to care for your lips while giving some colour, the colour payoff is often very sheer. But this couldn't be more different.

You can apply a thin layer to create a sheer, barely there look...

Or you can apply a thicker layer to create a deeper, more vibrant 'raspberry' pink. 

I tend to apply mine like this more often.

As the name would suggest, this product leaves the lips looking super duper glossy, like a polish! 

I really enjoy using these Pout Polishes and while I do already have another in 'Peach Perfection' I will definitely look at picking more of these up.

Have you tried the Sleek Pout Polishes?
I would recommend giving them a try if you haven't already!

Thanks for reading,
Kirsten x

Brush Wishlist - Face Brushes

New make-up brushes are very highly placed on the 'list of things I need to buy immediately' (which seems to be getting longer every day, ooooops!)

Here are the face brushes that I'm lusting over right now!

2/ 4/ 6 - Real Techniques brushes

Would you believe that I have never owned or even tried a Real Techniques brush? NEVER! I know, slap me on the wrist and send me to bed with no supper... it's a cardinal sin here in the blogging world. 
I stand and stare at them in Boots every single time I go in but I've never bought one!

I love the look of the Setting Brush, the Blush Brush and the expert Face Brush. I'm in desperate need of a new brush to apply my foundation (I'm still using an Elf Powder Brush with no handle to do mine in the mornings. WHY?!) so the Expert Face Brush will fit in nicely. I also need a new blush brush as the one I currently have is a little scratchy and not too great to use. The Setting Brush isn't a necessity but I would like a brush small enough to just powder the areas I need to like under my eyes or my nose.

1/ 3/ 5/ 7/ Zoeva brushes

I've been eyeing up the Zoeva brushes for a while after reading great things about them all over the internet. I want almost all of the eye brushes but that's for another post!
The Stippling Brush would be great for applying cream blush which I'll be wearing more in the warmer months as it gives a healthy glow to the skin which I'm always in need of.
The Luxe Sheer Cheek brush is the perfect shape for applying powder highlighter. At the moment I'm using my scratchy blush brush to apply and blend out highlighter and it just isn't working anymore! 
The Luxe Face Definer is the perfect shape for blending out a contour powder; I don't contour right now due to a severe lack of products but once that is resolved I'll be jumping on that bandwagon with my Luxe Face Brush in hand!
A Kabuki brush is always handy to have for applying powder all over the face! A must have I think!

Look out for these in future hauls and look out for some reviews! I'm bound to cave and buy them at some point.
Have you tried any of these brushes? Would you recommend any other ones?

Thanks for reading,
Kirsten x

Monday, 21 April 2014

A little bank holiday haul...

I woke up this morning feeling some bank holiday blues.
I had huge stomach pains from all the food I ate yesterday (Easter Sunday roasts are the best thing since Christmas dinner!)and there was still chocolate staring me in the face begging me to eat it.
I decided that fresh air was what I needed (and to get out of the house so that damn egg would stop talking to me) so I took a stroll to Tesco and had a little mooch around the very small beauty aisle and picked up a few things.

Would you believe that all the pain has now gone?! Like magic.

I noticed that this Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water was only £3.99. I mentioned this in my skincare wishlist and was planning on picking this up from Boots but the price has gone back up to £4.99 so I thought I'd grab it while I was there.
I'm really looking forward to trying this out and comparing it to the L'oreal one which I wasn't too keen on... you can read about that here.

I also picked up two of the Maybelline Baby Lips.
Everyone went mad for these when they were first released over here in the UK but I just really wasn't that bothered about them, which is strange because I have an obsession with lipbalms.
But I've seen loads of people talk about these and I decided that I deserved one... or two... you know, to make myself feel better. It was purely medicinal, shall we say?
I chose the 'Intense Care' and 'Pink Punch' but it was a close call because I also really wanted the 'Cherry Me' and the 'Hydrate' ones too!
If I get on well with these then I'll definitely pick those up too.
I'm super keen to give these a go.
Have you tried any of these products?

Thanks for reading,
Kirsten x

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Fave 5 - Spring lip products!

Having dragged myself out of the routine of wearing dark lipstick, I've delved into my collection and actually discovered that I have quite a liking for brighter, dare I say it, PINK lipsticks?! Who knew, eh?

These are the ones which I'd forgotten all about and have fallen head over heels back in love with.

From left to right:

  • Avon Shine Attracts Lipstick in 'Guava'This orangey/peach toned lipstick has a coloured core which is surrounded by a clear gel. This is a moisturising gel layer and is where the incredible shine comes from, but better still it contains an SPF of 15!
    The pigmentation is quite sheer but is very buildable - I build it up to create a juicy orangey colour and it's gorgeous.
    I'm going to have to get my hands in 'Happy pink' 'Orchid and 'Cherry pie' very very soon.

  • Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker Extreme Plump XL in 'Pink out Loud'
    I mentioned this in my Soap and Glory collection post so go and have a read of that one, too if you haven't already.
    This is one of those tingley lipglosses which I weirdly love the sensation of.
    I'm not usually one for glosses but this one slipped through the net and lives firmly in my make-up bag. It's great on it's own and the colour is subtle yet beautiful on the lips but it's also great for applying over the top of nude or pink lipsticks to give it a little bit of something.
  • Topshop Lipstick 'Innocent'
    I promise I'll stop talking about this soon. Honestly I will.
    I have a post on it here but if you've been here for long enough you'll know that I love this and I wear it nearly every single day. It's a blue toned mid-pink and it's perfect for this time of year (although you wouldn't even know it's Spring because it's currently pouring with rain). Four for you Topshop's 'Innocent'. You go Topshop's 'Innocent'
  • Collection Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream in 'Cotton Candy'.
    This is the darkest of the bunch. I'd say it was a muted raspberry pink. It dries to a matte finish which I love, however with that Soap and Glory gloss lightly applied over the top, voila, it's wonderfully glossy. The staying power is amazing too... I can put this on in the morning and not have to worry about it all day. It does fade down a little but it's not patchy at all.
    These smell delicious; like vanilla sweets which is the best!
    I would definitely recommend trying some of these out if you haven't already done so.
  • Avon Colortrend Vanilla Kiss lipstick in 'Moonbeam'
    This is a light, sheer baby pink with a slight shimmer running through it which makes it look almost wet on the lips.. it's really quite beautiful. It's buildable and being the only baby pink I own, it gets a lot of use.
    As far as I'm aware these aren't available any more because I have had this for so so so so so long, but I'm sure there are other options available. This is from Avon's teen range... cringe. But I have all of the shades in this collection nevertheless.
    These also smell like vanilla which is an immediate win.

What are your favourite spring lip products? Let me know; I'd love to try some new things out!

P.s. Happy Easter! I hope you're all enjoying lots of chocolate today!

Thanks for reading,

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Everyday Spring Make-Up

I've been switching up my make-up in the last few weeks to try and get myself out of my beloved winter make-up routine - I'm all about those dark lips and heavy eyeliner! Ugh!

But if I were to write about that now, you would all click right off because it's so off trend and irrelevant as sad as this makes me, I myself know that I need to get with the times! "YEAH, GET WITH THE TIMES KIRSTEN!"

  • L'oreal True Match foundation.
    I have this in the shade R1/C1 'rose ivoire' which I think is the lightest shade. I could be wrong.
    I'll be honest, this step hasn't changed since winter.
    This has a matte finish which brings me onto my next product. TADAH!
  • Benefit High Beam.
    I love this stuff. I've had it for so so long and I honestly forgot I had it until I came home for Easter and found it in one of my drawers... must have left it here!
    I mix just a little bit of this in with my foundation on the back of my hand before I apply it to my face to give me a glow and I'll also run it along my cheek bones and brow bones if I need a little more oomph!
  • Collection Lasting Perfection concealer.
    I have this in shade 1, 'Fair'.
    There's not much to say about this that you don't already know so I just use this on any blemishes I have. When my skin isn't too dry around my eyes I'll use this to conceal those dark circles, too.
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 'Transparent'.
    "Why put a matte powder on your face when you want glowing skin, Krsten?" I hear you say!
    Like lots of you I'm sure, no matter how dry my skin is, my nose always gets shiney and make-up just kind of disappears from it unless I wear a powder. This is inexpensive and works wonderfully.
    I'll also use this to set any concealer I've put on, just for extra security... I don't want that going anywhere. Nope.
  • Sleek blush in 'Pixie Pink'.
    This bright pink is perfect for these coming months as it gives a healthy look to the skin and brightens everything up a little. It doesn't look as scary on the skin as it does in the pan though, honest!
  • Naked 3 palette.
    Aaaah my love. On the days where my eyes aren't too dry (are you seeing a theme here?) then you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be wearing one of these eye-shadows.
    The colours a perfect for the Spring and Summer and I've been particularly loving wearing Dust all over the lid with Nooner or Limit in the crease.
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in 'Black'.
    I can't stay away from the eyeliner entirely, okay?!
    I use a thin brush or an old felt tip eyeliner and create a thin line along my upper lash line and if I'm feeling crazy I'll bring it out into a fine wing.
    I love me some winged liner.
  • Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara.
    I've spoken about this before... I love this stuff.
    It makes my lashes really super black and long and volumized and I've discovered this morning that I don't even need to use my eyelash curlers with it! This is a big deal for me so let's get out the party poppers and celebrate!
    While it makes my lashes all the things I've just mentioned, it's not too heavy and doesn't look 'too much' for the rest of the look.
  • Topshop lipstick in 'Innocent'.
    This has it's own post here on my blog so I won't go on too much about it - just go and have a read.
    But this is what I've been reaching for almost every day. It's a lovely mid-pink and just works well with the rest of the look.

What are your make-up picks this Spring? 

Thanks for reading, 

Kirsten x

Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter nails - polka dots and bunnies!

I wanted to do something Eastery with my nails today, so I opted for some pastel polka dots (everything is pastel right now so why not add my nails into the mix?) and a cute bunny rabbit!

I practiced the rabbit once on my bare nail before doing the whole design and the practice one was better than this one >.<

Nevertheless, I love this and I think it's super cute and bang on trend with it being Easter weekend and all! I love the pink polka dots on the blue - I think I'll be rocking just this look this Spring/Summer! Cute!

Blue - Topshop 'Celestial'
Pink - Topshop 'Milkshake'
White - Bourjouis French Manicure White (I'm not sure if this is it's real name... but you get the idea?!)
Black - Barry M Nail Art Pen

What do you think? Have you tried any Easter nail designs?
Thanks for reading, 
Kirsten x

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Nail polish collection - Nails Inc

This is the second post in my nail polish collection series. If you haven't read the first post where I spoke about my Topshop nail polish then go ahead and have a read of that if you want to!

Today's focus is Nails Inc.

South Molton Street is a very very light - verging on transparent peachy colour. It's very sheer and there is very little colour payoff at all with this polish but that is to be expected as it's clearly not a solid colour in the bottle. It doesn't detract from it at all though as with a few coats you can achieve a sheer peachy colour which is beautiful! Really subtle and sophisticated and perfect for when you don't want anything too obvious.

In Style Coral came as a gift with In Style magazine as the name would suggest and is a bright coral... the picture doesn't show just how bright it is. Two coats of this gives a perfect opaque colour to the nail and it's perfect for summer - I'll be using this a lot in the coming months, I can tell! 

Shoreditch is a bright-ish pink. I love this one so much that I can't actually describe it so I don't really have too much to say about it. However, the finish of this deserves some praise.
In my opinion, two or three coats of this gives the look of a gel polish - it's so glossy and ... well, it looks like a gel!
It really is beautiful and it lasts for a good week or so which is always a bonus!

Next is Piccadilly Circus - I actually have two of these.

This colour is really kind of special because it's a kind of deep raspberry pink/red but it's bright at the same time, which means it's perfect for wearing in the Autumn/Winter months when you want something a bit deep and rich, but also perfect in the Spring/Summer months when you want something bright.
On a side note, every time I wear this my boyfriend tells me he likes my nails and I reckon that if your boyfriend notices it every time, it's a winner. 

This is Uptown Glamour and this was from the Kate Spade range which was free with Glamour magazine last Christmas time. I don't have any other gold polish in my collection and so I bought the magazine purely for this. On the nails this looks almost like gold foil. I expected it to dry streaky the first time I used it because often, metallic polishes do dry with visible streaks but this wasn't bad at all.
However, this didn't last long on my nails - only about a day, but I'm sure with a half decent top coat which I'm missing in my life right now, it would do just fine.

Have you tried any of these polishes or any other Nails Inc polishes?
What did you think? Any recommendations?

Thanks for reading,

Kirsten x

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

L'oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution Review!

Everyone and their mother has tried some kind of micellar water product in the aftermath of the outbreak of Bioderma because every single skincare or make up brand has brought one out to get themselves in on the action, too.

Now, I've never tried Bioderma or any other micellar solution before and so this is not going to be a comparison between any of them, it's purely going to be a discussion about whether or not I liked this product for what it claims to be.

This retails at £4.99 and claims to: dissolve make-up, unclog pores and remove impurities and tone and soothe skin.

Like other cleansing waters, you simply pour some of this onto a cotton pad and wipe over the face to remove make up or to remove traces of make up after a cleanser. I myself used this to take off my make up as a whole because I find cleansers to be a bit too much for my super sensitive skin so I thought this would be a little bit more gentle - ya know, being basically water and all.

While it did take off my face and eye make-up, credit where credit is due and it definitely deserves a tick there, it didn't seem to really be enough for removing any dark lipstick and instead just smeared it around my face.
I could forgive that though; I mean, dark lipstick can be a bit of a bitch anyway!

But I very quickly found that it was making my skin dry, especially around my eyes and my mouth. I suffer from dry skin there anyway but this was making it much worse (so bad that I can't seem to shift it weeks after I stopped using this) and what's more is that it also started to dry out the skin on the rest of my face too.
It also stung my eyes like nothing I've ever used before. Now, for something that claims to be suitable for the eyes to sting them like that, just isn't great! Certainly not soothing in any way!
The price isn't too bad and when I bought mine it was half price or something similar so I bought two... ooops!

Overall, I'm not very impressed with this product at all. It stings, it made my skin dry which makes me think that it isn't as gentle or soothing as it claims to be.

I don't think I'll be buying it again... I'll be trying Garnier's attempt instead; the same price for double the product and I've read really good things about it! Fingers crossed!

Have you tried this product? What did you think?
Thanks for reading, 
Kirsten x

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sweet bracelets - Jewellery Allsorts

I've spent many hours of my life sat at my laptop, browsing various websites just admiring the candy or sweetie bracelets that everyone's gone mad for recently. It only ever went as far as browsing though because I didn't really want to pay £7-£8 for just one... I know, I'm stingy with my money sometimes! 

But not too long ago my Auntie and my cousin started playing around with some beads and jewels and created some absolutely beautiful and somewhat unique jewellery which they now share over on their Facebook page Jewellery Allsorts. They started off making 'foot thongs' which I have a few of and can't wait to wear in the coming sunny weeks! But they've ventured out into bracelets and necklaces and then onto rings and basically anything you can make with pretty beads! It's crazy! My Mum popped the marshmallow one in my stocking and let me tell you, it made my Christmas. Yeah. I was that excited about it. I've worn it so much so it's a little dirty.

These ones are totally my thing and I was so happy to see that they had some in their stockpile of goodies and I was even happier when they told me to pick some to keep! 

 I chose two iced bun bracelets and one that looks like cute pink sweeties and they go perfectly with my marshmallow one I think!

I would really recommend going and having a look at the Facebook page because they don't charge much at all! (these were all priced at £4.50 each... bargain) and they will custom make anything that you can ask them for and their ranges are growing all the time (I watched my cousin make necklace pendants out of those little beads that you iron together? Remember those?) Their name is so fitting... all sorts of jewellery! Haha!

You might even see these on their own website sometime soon - they've just gone into a local shop in my hometown!

If you do go and check them out at Jewellery Allsorts on Facebook,which I really hope you do, then let them know that Kirsten sent you.

Thanks for reading. 

Kirsten x

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Topshop 'Innocent' Lipstick!

I've never really been one for wearing lipstick on a daily basis, but lately I've been trying to get more use out of my collection by incorporating it into my every day make up looks.

The one that I've been reaching for the most is Topshop's 'Innocent' and loving it, despite the fact that I don't really think pink is my colour - I'm definitely more of a dark lip kind of gal!

It's a blue toned mid (ish) pink although sometimes it does appear a little bit on the lilac side, much like it looks in the bullet but I'm definitely not going to complain about that at all because I'm all for purple lipstick. The colour payoff is great too!

The finish is beautiful although somewhat hard to explain in my opinion as, I'm not sure if this is the case with everyone who wears it but sometimes it looks to have almost a satin finish but other times it's glossy and has a beautiful shine to it - both finishes I love.

I myself am indifferent about the scent of the product itself, I don't love it but I by no means hate it either.

The only vaguely negative thing I can find about this lipstick is the fact that it can accentuate dry lips a tiny bit so I'd recommend a little bit of exfoliation or a lip balm before hand but I have notoriously dry lips and I wouldn't shy away from using this even when they are a little dry.

I'd definitely recommend trying this lipstick out and I'm excited about trying out some of their other shades.
Have you tried any Topshop lipsticks? Would you recommend any?

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Fashion venture - Romwe wishlist

1/          2/      3/        4/ 

It's no secret that I am indeed a - for lack of a better term 'bigger girl' and that's always somewhat hindered my fashion choices. I've always thought that I can't wear anything that's too 'out there' because it will make me look bigger or it will accentuate the bumpy bits that I don't want people to notice or people will look at me and point and laugh say something like 'Oh dear God look at that'. I know, I know... I'm only 20... I shouldn't think like that, but I always have. Slap me on the wrist.

However, lately I've realised that I just don't care anymore! For that reason, cue point of the whole blog post after rambly introduction, I've been browsing websites which I'd never have previously looked at before this realisation because I thought they wouldn't cater for my size or I'd just not be able to pull any of it off.
Romwe, is obviously one of them.
Deary me, I'm in love. It's stupid because almost everything on the site is completely up my street and I love it.

As soon as my student loan comes in I'll be waving goodbye to it and saying hello to some damn awesome new threads.
Too much? Yeah. I'm not THAT cool. 

Kirsten x

Soap and Glory collection!

Hello lovelies!

I thought today that I'd share with you my Soap and Glory collection because lately I have been showing it so much love that I think it deserves some praise.

I'll let you into a little secret first, though.
I used to hate Soap and Glory products. Eeeeek. I said it.
I was given a set of soap and hand wash for Christmas one year which I didn't get on with because of the smell and that really put me off of the brand for a good few years.
However, on my many trips to Boots I'd always linger at the Soap and Glory stands and then go home and read about how people love the products so I jumped back on the bandwagon and gave it another go.

My boyfriend, being the observant little dickens that he is, noticed my obsession and for Christmas, bought me the huge collection of goodies which are brought out every year and let me tell you, I am a changed woman!

In the collection you get 9 full size products and a huge zip up bag with a lovely pattern on it which I'm currently housing all of my nail polish in.

First off, we have the infamous Sugar Crush body wash. Need I explain? Which beauty blogger hasn't mentioned this on their blog at least once?
This smells divine and as soon as I've used up enough of this stash to justify buying more I'm going to try the sugar scrub because I want to smell like this for the rest of time.
I love the pump packaging of this because it makes it so much easier to use in the shower with wet hands.

Next we have the Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion.
Now, I have to admit that the scent of this one isn't my favourite although I can't quite put my finger on why! Nevertheless, I can deal with the scent because it is so moisturising. Like, really really really moisturising - almost to the point of 'Here, feel my skin! It's so soft!' but I restrain myself. It obviously has the same pump style bottle as the body wash which I like, however if it gets cold then the lotion itself becomes a lot harder to get out of the pump which is a pain.

The Scrub Of Your Life has become my favourite body scrub of all time I think. I've always suffered with those little red bumps on the back of my arms and on my legs - you'll know what I mean I'm sure! They have always  made me feel a bit self conscious and I've tried to many things to get rid of them and while not even this has made them go away, it's helped a lot. It makes my whole body soft and smooth and I love it.
The beads in it are varying in size but they're not too harsh on my very sensitive skin so even if you are sensitive to scrubs too I wouldn't shy away from this one.

I've never been one for using foot creams although I probably should have been all this time. But I immediately fell in love with this one because it's blue!
I haven't used this too much because I never think to but the few times that I have, it's saved my dry flakey (really attractive) feet in no time at all.

Roll out the red carpet, Hand Food is here!
Again, need I even talk about this?
I use this every single day because it's hands down the best hand cream I have ever tried. I suffer from really dry hands all year round and this little miracle is brilliant at healing them. I'm back home in Cornwall right now and I accidentally left this in London and I am regretting it immensely. Waaaaaah.

 The Righteous Butter is by far my favourite product from the whole collection. Firstly, it smells beautiful. Ugh, I love it.
But more importantly, it is one of, if not the most moisturising body butter I've ever used (The Body Shop will probably never be beaten for me). My skin has been really dry and really sensitive to anything I use on it lately. It's been itchy where it's so dry and everything stings... except this. I've used so much of this in the last few weeks that it's nearly all gone and when it runs out I will be straight out of the door to get another one.

It has a lovely almost whipped consistency and I find it quite cooling on the skin. It sinks in like a dream and I would recommend this to anyone. Absolutely.

The Peaches and Clean 3 in 1 facial cleanser is the only product that I can't use which is a shame because I love the smell of it. As you would imagine, it smells like peach but almost a little bit medicinal too which is strange for me to like.
But this makes my skin so red and makes my eyes dry and sore and red and I just can't use it at all. I put this down to the fact that my skin is sensitive anyway and the cleanser itself is really effective so I'm so sad that this just doesn't work for me.

The only make-up product from Soap and Glory that I'd tried was the SuperCat liner which I loved so I had high hopes for the make-up that came with this set... and let me tell you, I was not disappointed.
This Thick and Fast mascara has overtaken my beloved Rimmel Day To Night to become my everyday mascara which is really something! My lashes are fine and straight - completely the opposite to my thick hair and without mascara it doesn't look like I even have any! I find it really difficult to find mascaras that hold a curl and make my lashes appear thicker but this does both in about 2 coats.
The wand is huge and is a fibre wand which are my favourites (with Benefit's They're Real being the only exception) and the formula isn't too wet or too dry... and it makes my lashes really really black. I also have a weird love for making my outer lashes really long and winged out almost and this does that perfectly.
An all round winner in the mascara world I'd say!

Finally we have the Sexy Motherpucker Extreme Plump XL in Pink Out Loud which is a lovely nude-pink gloss. My oh my, does this tingle?! I've tried lip plumping glosses before but nothing even comes close to the tingling sensation that this has on my lips! Jeeez. Way to go Soap and Glory!
I'm not normally one for wearing lip gloss but this has worked its way into my make up bag and is there to stay. It's beautiful.
I love layering this on top of nude or pink lipsticks such as Topshop's 'Innocent' and I look forward to trying out some more of these. 

Do you love Soap and Glory? Do you have any recommendations?
Let me know!

Thanks for reading,
Kirsten x