Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter nails - polka dots and bunnies!

I wanted to do something Eastery with my nails today, so I opted for some pastel polka dots (everything is pastel right now so why not add my nails into the mix?) and a cute bunny rabbit!

I practiced the rabbit once on my bare nail before doing the whole design and the practice one was better than this one >.<

Nevertheless, I love this and I think it's super cute and bang on trend with it being Easter weekend and all! I love the pink polka dots on the blue - I think I'll be rocking just this look this Spring/Summer! Cute!

Blue - Topshop 'Celestial'
Pink - Topshop 'Milkshake'
White - Bourjouis French Manicure White (I'm not sure if this is it's real name... but you get the idea?!)
Black - Barry M Nail Art Pen

What do you think? Have you tried any Easter nail designs?
Thanks for reading, 
Kirsten x

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