Saturday, 19 April 2014

Everyday Spring Make-Up

I've been switching up my make-up in the last few weeks to try and get myself out of my beloved winter make-up routine - I'm all about those dark lips and heavy eyeliner! Ugh!

But if I were to write about that now, you would all click right off because it's so off trend and irrelevant as sad as this makes me, I myself know that I need to get with the times! "YEAH, GET WITH THE TIMES KIRSTEN!"

  • L'oreal True Match foundation.
    I have this in the shade R1/C1 'rose ivoire' which I think is the lightest shade. I could be wrong.
    I'll be honest, this step hasn't changed since winter.
    This has a matte finish which brings me onto my next product. TADAH!
  • Benefit High Beam.
    I love this stuff. I've had it for so so long and I honestly forgot I had it until I came home for Easter and found it in one of my drawers... must have left it here!
    I mix just a little bit of this in with my foundation on the back of my hand before I apply it to my face to give me a glow and I'll also run it along my cheek bones and brow bones if I need a little more oomph!
  • Collection Lasting Perfection concealer.
    I have this in shade 1, 'Fair'.
    There's not much to say about this that you don't already know so I just use this on any blemishes I have. When my skin isn't too dry around my eyes I'll use this to conceal those dark circles, too.
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 'Transparent'.
    "Why put a matte powder on your face when you want glowing skin, Krsten?" I hear you say!
    Like lots of you I'm sure, no matter how dry my skin is, my nose always gets shiney and make-up just kind of disappears from it unless I wear a powder. This is inexpensive and works wonderfully.
    I'll also use this to set any concealer I've put on, just for extra security... I don't want that going anywhere. Nope.
  • Sleek blush in 'Pixie Pink'.
    This bright pink is perfect for these coming months as it gives a healthy look to the skin and brightens everything up a little. It doesn't look as scary on the skin as it does in the pan though, honest!
  • Naked 3 palette.
    Aaaah my love. On the days where my eyes aren't too dry (are you seeing a theme here?) then you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be wearing one of these eye-shadows.
    The colours a perfect for the Spring and Summer and I've been particularly loving wearing Dust all over the lid with Nooner or Limit in the crease.
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in 'Black'.
    I can't stay away from the eyeliner entirely, okay?!
    I use a thin brush or an old felt tip eyeliner and create a thin line along my upper lash line and if I'm feeling crazy I'll bring it out into a fine wing.
    I love me some winged liner.
  • Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara.
    I've spoken about this before... I love this stuff.
    It makes my lashes really super black and long and volumized and I've discovered this morning that I don't even need to use my eyelash curlers with it! This is a big deal for me so let's get out the party poppers and celebrate!
    While it makes my lashes all the things I've just mentioned, it's not too heavy and doesn't look 'too much' for the rest of the look.
  • Topshop lipstick in 'Innocent'.
    This has it's own post here on my blog so I won't go on too much about it - just go and have a read.
    But this is what I've been reaching for almost every day. It's a lovely mid-pink and just works well with the rest of the look.

What are your make-up picks this Spring? 

Thanks for reading, 

Kirsten x

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