Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Fashion venture - Romwe wishlist

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It's no secret that I am indeed a - for lack of a better term 'bigger girl' and that's always somewhat hindered my fashion choices. I've always thought that I can't wear anything that's too 'out there' because it will make me look bigger or it will accentuate the bumpy bits that I don't want people to notice or people will look at me and point and laugh say something like 'Oh dear God look at that'. I know, I know... I'm only 20... I shouldn't think like that, but I always have. Slap me on the wrist.

However, lately I've realised that I just don't care anymore! For that reason, cue point of the whole blog post after rambly introduction, I've been browsing websites which I'd never have previously looked at before this realisation because I thought they wouldn't cater for my size or I'd just not be able to pull any of it off.
Romwe, is obviously one of them.
Deary me, I'm in love. It's stupid because almost everything on the site is completely up my street and I love it.

As soon as my student loan comes in I'll be waving goodbye to it and saying hello to some damn awesome new threads.
Too much? Yeah. I'm not THAT cool. 

Kirsten x

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