Sunday, 20 April 2014

Fave 5 - Spring lip products!

Having dragged myself out of the routine of wearing dark lipstick, I've delved into my collection and actually discovered that I have quite a liking for brighter, dare I say it, PINK lipsticks?! Who knew, eh?

These are the ones which I'd forgotten all about and have fallen head over heels back in love with.

From left to right:

  • Avon Shine Attracts Lipstick in 'Guava'This orangey/peach toned lipstick has a coloured core which is surrounded by a clear gel. This is a moisturising gel layer and is where the incredible shine comes from, but better still it contains an SPF of 15!
    The pigmentation is quite sheer but is very buildable - I build it up to create a juicy orangey colour and it's gorgeous.
    I'm going to have to get my hands in 'Happy pink' 'Orchid and 'Cherry pie' very very soon.

  • Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker Extreme Plump XL in 'Pink out Loud'
    I mentioned this in my Soap and Glory collection post so go and have a read of that one, too if you haven't already.
    This is one of those tingley lipglosses which I weirdly love the sensation of.
    I'm not usually one for glosses but this one slipped through the net and lives firmly in my make-up bag. It's great on it's own and the colour is subtle yet beautiful on the lips but it's also great for applying over the top of nude or pink lipsticks to give it a little bit of something.
  • Topshop Lipstick 'Innocent'
    I promise I'll stop talking about this soon. Honestly I will.
    I have a post on it here but if you've been here for long enough you'll know that I love this and I wear it nearly every single day. It's a blue toned mid-pink and it's perfect for this time of year (although you wouldn't even know it's Spring because it's currently pouring with rain). Four for you Topshop's 'Innocent'. You go Topshop's 'Innocent'
  • Collection Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream in 'Cotton Candy'.
    This is the darkest of the bunch. I'd say it was a muted raspberry pink. It dries to a matte finish which I love, however with that Soap and Glory gloss lightly applied over the top, voila, it's wonderfully glossy. The staying power is amazing too... I can put this on in the morning and not have to worry about it all day. It does fade down a little but it's not patchy at all.
    These smell delicious; like vanilla sweets which is the best!
    I would definitely recommend trying some of these out if you haven't already done so.
  • Avon Colortrend Vanilla Kiss lipstick in 'Moonbeam'
    This is a light, sheer baby pink with a slight shimmer running through it which makes it look almost wet on the lips.. it's really quite beautiful. It's buildable and being the only baby pink I own, it gets a lot of use.
    As far as I'm aware these aren't available any more because I have had this for so so so so so long, but I'm sure there are other options available. This is from Avon's teen range... cringe. But I have all of the shades in this collection nevertheless.
    These also smell like vanilla which is an immediate win.

What are your favourite spring lip products? Let me know; I'd love to try some new things out!

P.s. Happy Easter! I hope you're all enjoying lots of chocolate today!

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