Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Soap and Glory collection!

Hello lovelies!

I thought today that I'd share with you my Soap and Glory collection because lately I have been showing it so much love that I think it deserves some praise.

I'll let you into a little secret first, though.
I used to hate Soap and Glory products. Eeeeek. I said it.
I was given a set of soap and hand wash for Christmas one year which I didn't get on with because of the smell and that really put me off of the brand for a good few years.
However, on my many trips to Boots I'd always linger at the Soap and Glory stands and then go home and read about how people love the products so I jumped back on the bandwagon and gave it another go.

My boyfriend, being the observant little dickens that he is, noticed my obsession and for Christmas, bought me the huge collection of goodies which are brought out every year and let me tell you, I am a changed woman!

In the collection you get 9 full size products and a huge zip up bag with a lovely pattern on it which I'm currently housing all of my nail polish in.

First off, we have the infamous Sugar Crush body wash. Need I explain? Which beauty blogger hasn't mentioned this on their blog at least once?
This smells divine and as soon as I've used up enough of this stash to justify buying more I'm going to try the sugar scrub because I want to smell like this for the rest of time.
I love the pump packaging of this because it makes it so much easier to use in the shower with wet hands.

Next we have the Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion.
Now, I have to admit that the scent of this one isn't my favourite although I can't quite put my finger on why! Nevertheless, I can deal with the scent because it is so moisturising. Like, really really really moisturising - almost to the point of 'Here, feel my skin! It's so soft!' but I restrain myself. It obviously has the same pump style bottle as the body wash which I like, however if it gets cold then the lotion itself becomes a lot harder to get out of the pump which is a pain.

The Scrub Of Your Life has become my favourite body scrub of all time I think. I've always suffered with those little red bumps on the back of my arms and on my legs - you'll know what I mean I'm sure! They have always  made me feel a bit self conscious and I've tried to many things to get rid of them and while not even this has made them go away, it's helped a lot. It makes my whole body soft and smooth and I love it.
The beads in it are varying in size but they're not too harsh on my very sensitive skin so even if you are sensitive to scrubs too I wouldn't shy away from this one.

I've never been one for using foot creams although I probably should have been all this time. But I immediately fell in love with this one because it's blue!
I haven't used this too much because I never think to but the few times that I have, it's saved my dry flakey (really attractive) feet in no time at all.

Roll out the red carpet, Hand Food is here!
Again, need I even talk about this?
I use this every single day because it's hands down the best hand cream I have ever tried. I suffer from really dry hands all year round and this little miracle is brilliant at healing them. I'm back home in Cornwall right now and I accidentally left this in London and I am regretting it immensely. Waaaaaah.

 The Righteous Butter is by far my favourite product from the whole collection. Firstly, it smells beautiful. Ugh, I love it.
But more importantly, it is one of, if not the most moisturising body butter I've ever used (The Body Shop will probably never be beaten for me). My skin has been really dry and really sensitive to anything I use on it lately. It's been itchy where it's so dry and everything stings... except this. I've used so much of this in the last few weeks that it's nearly all gone and when it runs out I will be straight out of the door to get another one.

It has a lovely almost whipped consistency and I find it quite cooling on the skin. It sinks in like a dream and I would recommend this to anyone. Absolutely.

The Peaches and Clean 3 in 1 facial cleanser is the only product that I can't use which is a shame because I love the smell of it. As you would imagine, it smells like peach but almost a little bit medicinal too which is strange for me to like.
But this makes my skin so red and makes my eyes dry and sore and red and I just can't use it at all. I put this down to the fact that my skin is sensitive anyway and the cleanser itself is really effective so I'm so sad that this just doesn't work for me.

The only make-up product from Soap and Glory that I'd tried was the SuperCat liner which I loved so I had high hopes for the make-up that came with this set... and let me tell you, I was not disappointed.
This Thick and Fast mascara has overtaken my beloved Rimmel Day To Night to become my everyday mascara which is really something! My lashes are fine and straight - completely the opposite to my thick hair and without mascara it doesn't look like I even have any! I find it really difficult to find mascaras that hold a curl and make my lashes appear thicker but this does both in about 2 coats.
The wand is huge and is a fibre wand which are my favourites (with Benefit's They're Real being the only exception) and the formula isn't too wet or too dry... and it makes my lashes really really black. I also have a weird love for making my outer lashes really long and winged out almost and this does that perfectly.
An all round winner in the mascara world I'd say!

Finally we have the Sexy Motherpucker Extreme Plump XL in Pink Out Loud which is a lovely nude-pink gloss. My oh my, does this tingle?! I've tried lip plumping glosses before but nothing even comes close to the tingling sensation that this has on my lips! Jeeez. Way to go Soap and Glory!
I'm not normally one for wearing lip gloss but this has worked its way into my make up bag and is there to stay. It's beautiful.
I love layering this on top of nude or pink lipsticks such as Topshop's 'Innocent' and I look forward to trying out some more of these. 

Do you love Soap and Glory? Do you have any recommendations?
Let me know!

Thanks for reading,
Kirsten x

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