Saturday, 31 May 2014

Beauty UK Posh Palette - No. 3 'Festival'

Remember a few posts ago when I said that the summer brought out my love for bright clothes, shoes and and nail polish?
Apparently it also brings out my love for bright eyeshadow too! Who knew?

The Beauty UK Posh Palette's aren't something I've ever seen before, because in all honesty I didn't ever really know much about Beauty UK itself, but on one of my many trips to Superdrug I noticed this and it really caught my attention.

As you might know, I'm quite boring when it comes to eyeshadow; I usually stick to greys or browns and sometimes I'll stretch to a green or a plum but I never really strayed far from the neutrals until I picked up my Revlon Shadowlinks (posts on those here and here) and since then I've been itching to try out some colour and get out of my comfort zone a little bit.

Enter the Festival palette in all its 'out of your comfort zone' glory!

The palette itself is white with clear panels on the front which means you can see the colours without opening it which I love with eyeshadow palettes. It has a nice sized mirror on the inside and one of those spongey things which I don't use but it's always handy for something I'm sure!
The packaging itself feels quite sturdy too, which for someone like me who drops everything all the time is wonderful because it doesn't feel like it could crack at any second.

The palette contains 10 colours, of which 7 are matte and 3 shimmery, although only very slightly which, for a very inexpensive palette is great as I often find that the cheaper shimmery shadows can often be far too shimmery to get away with.
The shades don't have names, but that's not a big deal.
The three shimmery shades are the pink on the top row, the white and the green, which leaves the rest to be matte.

Now, given that the posh palettes retail at £5.99 I really wasn't expecting anything miraculous in terms of pigmentation or longevity - you generally get what you pay for.
But I was really, really surprised to find that the pigmentation of the majority of the shadows is quite incredible!

As I always wear a primer with eyeshadow, the swatches do have a primer underneath.
With the exception of the black and the lilac/purple shadow, each of the swatches was just one swipe of colour with my finger which, I think you'll agree is really impressive! 
As you can see, the shimmery shades are not over the top at all and almost look more metallic than shimmery. I think they're a really nice addition to the palette.

Obviously these aren't colours that you might reach for everyday, (although I have been sweeping the white across my lids for a subtle shimmer almost everyday) but they are definitely quite wearable shades given that they are brights.
I can definitely see myself using the blues and I think the orange would look beautiful blended into the crease of a brown smokey eye!

The only negative to this is that even with a primer they stain ever so slightly so I would definitely recommend using a primer with them unless you want to have coloured eyelids for the rest of your life!

At £5.99, this is a really great palette to buy if you're looking to try something a little different - I'm not going to any festivals but I'll definitely be rocking some festival-worthy looks!
If brights aren't your thing, Beauty UK do some more neutral 'Posh Palettes' which also look really lovely!

Have you tried the Beauty UK Posh Palettes?
Which is your favourite?

Thanks for reading,
Kirsten x

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