Saturday, 17 May 2014

My favourite bright nail polishes!

I'm calling it. It may not technically be summer but I'm calling it out right now and this sun means it's already started for me!
And that means brights - bright clothes, bright shoes, bright nails, bright lips... bright everything!
Today, I'm getting out my bright nail polish.

From left to right:
Barbara Daly in 'Neon Pink'
Sinful Colors in '24/7'
Barbara Daly in 'Salsa'
Models Own Hedkandi Collection in 'Beach Party'
Models Own in 'Purple Passion'
L.A. Colors in 'Splash'

As you can see, I'm feeling a little bit of neon!
'Neon Pink' and 'Salsa' are actually a lot brighter than they're showing - '24/7' and 'Beach Party' are just so acid neon that they sort of mute them a little but I promise they are actually quite bright!
'Beach Party' is always a favourite of mine when it's really sunny because it stands out and is just so in-your-face and I love it!

What are your favourite from my picks?
What's your favourite summer nail polish?

Thanks for reading,
Kirsten x

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