Monday, 19 May 2014

My first year at uni; the do-over.

This isn't going to be my normal 'here's a beauty product I've been really liking and I want to tell you about' post.
If you click away I won't blame you but I'd give it a read... but I'm biased.

This is the only photo that perfectly captures how I feel today!
That's me, in the middle, with the face like... well yeah... that face!
Today I handed in my final essay for my first year of university... something I should have been doing a year ago in a completely different university in a completely different city, but things didn't really work out as I'd hoped they would.

In 2012 I got my A-level results and packed all of my things and moved to Portsmouth to go to university.
I won't go into exactly why, but I didn't feel like university was what I'd hoped it would be - I wasn't sure it was for me which was strange because all my life I've known that I wanted to go to university and get a degree.
By December, I had moved back home and had dropped out of uni entirely; a decision that many people (mainly my family) judged me for but I knew it was what was best for me.
I knew this, because I had every intention of going back to university somewhere different. I wasn't sure where yet, but I knew that I was going to go back and make it an experience which I wouldn't look back on with negative feelings.

Roll on September 2013 when I packed all of my things up again and moved to London to try again.
Here I am, almost 9 months later having completed my first year of university and I can honestly say that I've never been happier.
I have experienced some of the most amazing times of my life with THE most amazing people I've ever met. I live with a bunch of incredible people (who sadly I won't be living with next year which saddens me greatly). I've dressed up as more things than I can remember, I've consumed more alcohol than I probably should have (ooops!) and I've generally had the best time of my life so far; all because I decided that this was the right time for ME.

So while I'm reflecting on this first amazing year here and looking forward to the hard work and the memories that will come with the next two, I want to say that no matter what everyone else is doing or what other people think you should do, do what you think is best for you!
Not everything will work out for you the first time round and whether you decide to just stop there or you decide to keep going and try again, if it makes you happy then it's the right thing anyway.

Now I'm going to bombard you with pictures of my year, just because I can.

Two of my flat girls!

I dressed up as an NFL player and I made that helmet!

I also dressed as a geek..

And a mummy for Halloween.
That's my boyfriend next to me - I did his Venom make-up and he terrified everyone.

Cheeky fact for you; we're at a strip show put on by our college football team.
Don't I look happy to be there?!

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