Friday, 2 May 2014

Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks - Pinks and Purples

 I'll be honest, I didn't really know a lot about the new Revlon Colorstay shadowlinks, but my boyfriend was really excited to buy me some because he's a sweetheart and he knows how much I love eyeshadow.
So when we went into Boots he asked me which ones I wanted and I told him he could choose... he did an amazing job, let me just put that out there.

I never would have chosen the colours that he picked out for me myself, but they are beautiful and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of them.
I've read some bad reviews about them but I myself disagree and I really like them!

This post will be about the three pink/purples and the next one will be about the other 3 which are from the blues and greens (the collection is split into colour categories).

From left to right, the colours that I have are 'Plum', 'Purple' and 'Candy'.
'Plum' is a matte, deep plummy purple (duh) in the pan and on the skin it comes up even darker and I would say it's almost an aubergine purple.
'Purple' is a lovely matte, light to mid purple and the colour doesn't differ too much on the skin. I really love this colour.
'Candy' is a shimmery baby pink, which reminds me somewhat of 'Dust' from the Naked 3 pallette.

As you can see from the pictures, without a primer, the shadows don't have much colour payoff, but this doesn't bother me because I always use a primer underneath my eyeshadow and it isn't too much effort even if you don't usually need one, to just apply a little bit underneath. 
Having said that, on the eyelids, even without a primer the colour is still visible and just working a little bit more onto the lid gives a stronger colour.

However, with a primer the colours are a lot bolder which is to be expected really.

These shadows are really easy to blend and so far I haven't had any fall-down with any of them.
The only negative that I will point out is that 'Candy' is a little bit chalky in the pan but once it's on the skin it's beautiful to work with.

At £2.99 each I think these are great eyeshadows and I 
love that you can link them together to create your own colour combination or palette almost, and I haven't seen anything like this with 'drugstore' products before. I think it's a really good idea.

Keep an eye out for the next post featuring the blues and greens!

Have you tried the Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks?
What did you think of them?

Thanks for reading,
Kirsten x

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