Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Body Shop | Passionfruit

Passion fruit is one of my favourite flavours and scents so I've tried numerous passion fruit scented products... but none of them ever seem to live up to the real thing. They're either too sweet and sugary or just don't carry that intensity through.
But The Body Shop, being the clever bunch that they are manage to pull it off amazingly.
The scent is sweet, fruity and fresh but it also has a zingy, sour edge to it which makes it smell exactly like I'd imagine it to.

I picked up this gift set containing a shower gel and a body butter for £8. Both items together come to £17 so that's a huge saving and there are always offers like this in store so definitely have a look around.

Obviously both products have the same scent but I definitely think the shower gel has a stronger scent. What I love about it is that the fruity, zingy smell lingers on your skin for so long after you've washed it off and finished in the shower, so if you don't have the body butter or you just don't use it, you'll still smell amazing.
It's also blue! I don't know if it's just me but I always seem to love shower gel a little more if it's a pretty colour and looks pretty in my shower.

I do use the body butter however.
All of The Body Shop body butters are extremely moisturising and are my favourite body butters by far and this one really lives up to the standards of the others.
It doesn't take ages to sink into the skin - there's nothing worse than having to kind of awkwardly wait for your body lotions to sink in, naked and trying not to touch anything. Ugh!
And I'll tell you a little secret - this might even have taken pride of place as my favourite one, having taken over the raspberry scent! Ssssshhh!
The scent lasts for ages on the skin once it's dried and settled into the skin. I don't bother with perfume or anything if I've used this because this alone is more than enough!

I really love these. They smell amazing... fruity and tropical and they are the perfect fresh scent for summer.
They do brilliant things for your skin and with a set like this you've got your shower and post-shower skincare sorted for less than £10!

I'd definitely recommend going and giving these a smell if you can get to a store and if they still have these sets then I'd obviously more than recommend you give them a go!

What's your favourite scent from The Body Shop?

Thanks for reading,
Kirsten x

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