Friday, 16 January 2015

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Crayons | Review

I'm back! It's been a while, even since my update post in which I promised I'd actually come back but I'm here with my first post of 2015, ready for all of you who've stuck around in my absence!

I'm going to ease myself back into this whole blogging thing with a review on quite simply, some of the best lip products I think I've ever used; the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Crayons.

If you're one of us who enjoys wearing make up on a daily basis for whatever reason then I'm sure you've come across those days where you just can't be bothered with the faff of applying a lipstick and committing to reapplying it every few hours all day but at the same time you're not really feeling a completely bare lip.
I think we've all been there once or twice; at least!

That's where lip crayons, balm sticks, balm crayons or whatever else they may be called come into play, and these are by far my favourite of their kind.

I have three of the five available shades; Raplumzel, Bashful and Fuchsia-istic.





Although they look quite highly pigmented in the tube, when swatched on the skin or on the lips they provide quite a sheer wash of colour but there is still a beautiful amount of pigment within that which makes them really easy to wear.
They each all have a slight shimmer or glitter running through them which doesn't transfer visibly onto the lips, but it works to give them an extra 'glossy' dimension.

L-R; Raplumzel, Bashful, Fuchsia-ristic.

'Raplumzel' is a deep, berry toned purpley red shade which has seen me through these winter months perfectly on those days where a red lip just won't work for me. It give you the look of a juicy, berry stain like perhaps you've just eaten a few too many strawberries.

Bashful is a light almost baby pink in the tube but on the lips it shows up a bit darker and bit more natural; what I'd describe as a pink nude. This is perfect when you want a barely there shade on the lips but something that is still visible.

Finally, Fuchsia-ristic is the best example of how the shades differ on the lips to how they appear in the tube.
In the tube this is a very bright, neon orange/coral shade but when swatched as you can see, is a much more muted coral shade which is a lot less scary than it seems!

All of the shades have an incredibly glossy finish but without that horrid sticky feeling of a lipgloss. As a girl with very long hair I can safely say that lipgloss and I are not the best of friends, especially on windier days but these glosss crayons mean that I don't have to miss out on the finish of a lipgloss.

They're super comfortable on the lips which is great for me too because I'm one to constantly rub my lips together if I'm very aware of something on my lips which just makes everything wear off far too quickly. With these that isn't an issue for me as they're comfortable to wear.

Like many other lip products, these Sexy Mother Pucker gloss crayons do have a sweet scent which I myself really like but it's in no way overpowering so if you're not into scented make up products which is totally understandable (side note, I recently bought a mascara which has a floral scent... WHY?! Who needs that?!) then it's not unbearable.

The wear-time with these isn't the best but that's to expected with such a glossy finish with any lip product I'd say.
Raplumzel definitely wears the best on me as it leaves the effect of a stain on the lips as it wears away.
The other two aren't so great but the twist-up style of the tube and the fact that they are so sheer in pigment means that touching them up on the go is no problem at all and there's no need for a mirror and none of the faff!

These retail at £8 in Boots which I do think is a little bit steep for a lip crayon but I think that the quality JUST about justifies the price of them.
I've got my eyes on the shade 'Nudist' next...

Have you tried any of the Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Crayons?
Which is your favourite shade?

Thanks for reading,
Kirsten x